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3D-модель «Low-Poly Darth Vader»

Low-Poly Darth Vader Low-Poly Darth Vader Low-Poly Darth Vader
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First of all, I want to dedicate this model to all the geek people and specially to my friends that haven't stopped talking about Star Wars since Star Wars: Episode VII was announced.

This Darth Vader model is 130mm height and consists of three different parts: head, body and connector. There are two different versions of the body, one with cape and the other one without (I'm Edna Mode's best fan!). As all my low-poly designs, it doesn't need support material to be printed (I consider support material an evil creation of the Dark Side adepts).

The model from the pictures was printed in less than 2 hours using white PLA (0.2mm layer height). The post-processing consisted on spray painting and sanding. I did this because I ran out of black filament, but I found the final result pretty good and old-fashioned.

I hope you enjoy with this model and may the force be with you!

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